1. SoundBranding:"method" music for method inc.

  2. SoundDesign (Tie-up):"YMV" FLOWER/METAL BGM

  3. SoundBranding:"PFU" Omoidori brand movie sound

  4. SoundBranding:"EPSON" Robotics Innovation BGM

  5. SoundBranding:"TO&FRO" shop BGM

  6. SoundBranding:"EPSON" Robotics Innovation V.I. sound logo

  7. SoundBranding:"SHIFT BRAIN" showreel2015 BGM

  8. SoundBranding:"日本橋 にんべん" store BGM

  9. Sound Identity:+ Ring CI Movie Sound

  10. Sound Identity:JPRS Sound Logo

  11. SoundBranding:"山形緞通" Brand Movie Sound

  12. SoundDesign:"Panasonic" LUMIX LX100 Promotion Video BGM

  13. SoundDesign (Tie-up):"Panasonic" Gorilla web BGM

  14. Sound Design (Tie-up):"Lyve Minds Inc." Lyve Home WEB BGM

  15. SoundBranding:"大社の杜 みしま" Shopping Mall BGM

  16. SoundBranding:Towel brand "lll works" Theme

  17. SoundBranding:Laundry brand "Nasta" Interior Life Style Tokyo booth music

  18. SoundBranding:Interior Shop "Slow House by Actus" store BGM

  19. SoundDesign:"HONDA" NC700 web BGM

  20. SoundDesign:"SUBARU IMPREZA" Tokyo Motor Show booth

  21. SoundDesign:"Simmons Bed" Promotion Video

  22. SoundDesign : "Nature Made VITAMELS なめトレ" BGM&SE

  23. SoundDesign:"Iris Ohyama" Airy TVCM

  24. SoundDesign:"SK-II" event

  25. SoundDesign:"CASIO" Keyboards store CM

  26. SoundDesign:"CASIO" projector XJ-V1 PV sound

  27. SoundDesign:"SONY" high class head phone campaign web BGM

  28. SoundDesign:"Kao" Liese campaign web BGM

  29. SoundDesign:"Carre D'or" Brand Film Sound

  30. SoundDesign:"OMRON" StoreCM

  31. SoundDesign:"Petronas" event

  32. SoundDesign:"revage" web BGM

  33. SoundDesign:"NBA DREAM TEAM" Promotion Video

  34. GAME:ディスク・ウォーズ 「アベンジャーズ 魂ロワイヤル」

  35. Small Quantity Of Water In The Flower Vase
    LisM a.k.a. Go Hiyama

  36. Lover Longing / AY040
    LisM a.k.a. Go Hiyama

  37. Message Like a Liquid / AY040
    LisM a.k.a. Go Hiyama

  38. Sample from "Why don't you see yourself?"

  39. -Deeply dyes- LisM
    LisM a.k.a. Go Hiyama

  40. Piano / Go Hiyama / Parachute Records
    Go Hiyama


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